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Business, Transaction & Regulatory Advisory Overview

Ever changing technology and globalization have completely revamped the way business are conducted. As wisely said, the only thing that is constant is change. Amidst the wave of changes survival of businesses depends on adapting to the change. Failures of business create opportunities for another and paving the way for M&A.

We bring together a vast and diverse experience of handling transaction across its landscape from incubation, initiation, to implementation. Our in-depth knowledge of the various laws and regulations and our vast experience of working across the transactional topography viz., industry, scale, type and geography, bring innovative and insightful approaches to a variety of intricate issues and definitely add value to the client.

Tax is a pivot to most business decisions and, at times, gets into a tussle with commercial considerations. It is, hence, imperative to maintain the right balance between the two in order to maximize stakeholder value.

Changes in the tax and regulatory environment constantly challenges growing businesses and keeping pace with new compliances and meeting them becomes a daunting task for most businesses.

At AJA, we understand that effective tax planning for enterprises requires both technical resources and in-depth knowledge of each client’s unique financial situation. Our team of experienced tax professionals can assist in resolving various tax challenges like an investment, divestment, M&A, planning supply chain, funding, tax cost optimisation, compliances and disclosures or any other business or commercial transaction and keeping abreast with tax regulations.

The Regulatory environment in India is becoming very complex. Though government of India intends to enhance the ease of doing business in India, however changing dynamics of business is forcing regulators and law makers to adopt tough positions in the implementation of these regulations. This has substantially enhanced the onus of compliance on the business houses and / or their management teams.

Our team in the field of Exchange Control laws including Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Overseas Direct Investment (ODI), other FEMA aspects, Companies Act, SEBI Regulations, etc. help clients achieve their business objectives in line with the applicable regulations.

In the ever-changing business environments, the traditional and orthodox approaches may not be enough to take accurate business decisions. Many a times the businesses may be forced to take decision which disrupts the status quo.

We at AJA, help the client in in evaluating every business situation well and exploit their full potential to move in the right direction. Our business advisory services encompasses the entire spectrum be it business planning, strategy, corporate restructurings, funding solutions and unlocking (including AIF), support in newer endeavours (such as IBC, ARCs etc.), evolving regulations (such as SEBI regulations, corporate laws, tax etc) and most importantly in areas like business transformation, succession planning, family offices, wealth protection, trusts, wills etc.

In the current scenarios of pandemic and Atma nirbhar Bharat, we all are aware about the world markets moving from China to other countries. India because of its huge markets and growth prospects has become a potential hub for various industries to venture in. Hence, Foreign Investors are acquiring existing businesses in India and setting up greenfield projects. Venturing in another nation always makes them anxious about understanding the business environment, applicable laws and regulations, restrictions if any, their ability to carry on the proposed business, overall taxation costs and areas of tax efficiency, compliances etc.

We at AJA, help and support the foreign investors to ensure that their business is carried on smoothly without any hindrances because of regulation and laws. Our services encompass the entire spectrum from understanding the business plan, identifying FDI restrictions, planning the entry and the entity’s structure & capital mix considering the tax cost and comply with ongoing tax and regulatory compliances.

For the businesses to continue to expand, acquisitions and fund raising have become common norms. As they venture into these avenues of growth, various aspects need to be dealt with from a tax, regulatory and business advisory perspective.

We at AJA, add to their management team’s bandwidth by extending support in areas such as due diligence, identify potential transaction structure (critically evaluate the same from a tax, regulatory, business and valuation perspective), support in negotiation to the management and protecting interests of the management team (compensation re-alignment to market, ESOP, lock ins etc.),

Growing Indian businesses now intend to expand their operations to foreign nations. As they venture abroad, various concerns arise over the regulations and laws of the foreign land and about the regulations and laws in India to start business operation in foreign nations.

We at AJA, help Indian companies going overseas with their investment and acquisition strategies, optimum structure options considering laws of foreign country, choices of instruments for investments (capital mix), potential tax reduction and optimisation options under the local laws of overseas countries, profit and cash repatriation strategies, fund raise and exit strategies and drafting / review of necessary contracts, set up formalities etc.