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Valuation Services

Valuation Services

Today's challenging corporate, regulatory, legal, and accounting environment, calls for a robust and independent valuation technique, which are aligned with globally accepted practices.

By bringing together an extensive and deep experience in valuation viz, technical accounting, corporate finance & tax strategy it is important for professionals to offer an integrated approach to measure, analyse and report on a broad range of valuation issues.

An independent valuation and fairness in opinion is of vital importance, across different circumstances, context, and industries, by using various methods depending upon the purpose of the valuation.

  • Business Valuation
  • Financing and strategic management purposes
  • Acquisition and Investment Valuation
  • Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP) Valuation
  • Financial reporting purposes, which include purchase price allocation, testing for investment/goodwill impairment, etc.
  • Financial instruments including debt, hybrid, and convertible instruments
  • Intangibles like brand, trademark, Intellectual property, etc.
  • Portfolio valuation for venture capital funds, private equity funds and other alternative investment funds
  • Merger and Acquisition Valuation and Swap Ratio
  • Corporate Restructuring
  • Family Separation
  • Liquidation
  • Litigation, arbitration, and dispute resolution
  • Tax Valuation e.g. transfer pricing, etc.
  • Non-Resident Valuation [Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) & Overseas Direct Investment (ODI)] under Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA)
  • Requirements of valuation under Accounting Standards (AS) as well as IND Accounting Standards (IND AS)
  • Comply with other statutory requirements of Reserve Bank of India, Income Tax, etc.