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Business Starts-Up Services

Business Starts-Up Services

You had an idea. From that idea grew a company. Whether you’re a start-up or on the fast track to success. We work with companies - just like yours.

Our Firm caters to a varied range of requirements right from helping your Start-up select the most optimum structure for your business to helping you expand your business in the offshore markets.

We cater to your following requirements:

  • New Business Incorporation plans of Start-ups
  • Expansion plans of existing Businesses:
    1. Domestic expansion plans of Indian businesses
    2. Offshore expansion plans of Indian businesses; and
    3. Inshore expansion plans of Foreign Businesses

Shockingly 80% of the Start-ups fail in their first three years of inception. One of the reasons leading to these failures is the incorrect Business Structure selection by the Start-ups.

Selecting a Business Structure for your business is like an Art. There is no fixed or standard answer for any business. This decision has to be tailor-made for your business after minutely considering an array of factors like:

  • Business Model
  • Geography to which the business caters to
  • Growth Plan
  • Future Funding plan

Considering the complexity involved in this decision, it is highly recommended that one should consult an Expert to help take this decision. Our dedicated team of young members who regularly work with Start-ups are best placed to help you take this decision.

Apart from various Commercial and Business considerations, there are many Legal and Finance related perspectives which should be meticulously scrutinized and thought upon before expanding your business. Some of these questions ought to be thought of proactively to ensure smooth expansion of your business:

  • Should the expansion plan be executed in the existing entity itself OR should a new entity be incorporated for it?
  • If a new entity is to be incorporated, then some of the following questions should be considered:
    • What should be the Structure of the new entity?
    • What should be the Ownership structure of the entity like Holding-Subsidiary, Mirror Shareholding, Independent shareholding etc
  • How will the funding happen for the new plan?
  • How to achieve the maximum tax efficiency in the plan?
  • If say the expansion is happening in a cross-border scenario, then relevant Exchange regulations and International Taxation laws should be complied with

Our experienced team of professionals are affluent and perfectly placed to assist You in taking the right decision.

  1. Corporate Structures:
    • Company
    • Limited Liability Partnership
  2. Non-corporate Structures:
    • Sole Proprietorship Concern
    • Hindu Undivided Family
    • Partnership Firm
  3. Other Structures:
    • Trust, Association of Persons, Body of Individuals
    • Co-operative Society
    • Non-profit Organisations

The bouquet of services that we provide in these regards are:

  1. End-to end incorporation services which includes incorporating the structure and getting all necessary statutory registrations which would be required for you to start the business
  2. Expert Business Re-structuring advise to achieve various objectives laid down by the Management
  3. Assisting in cross-border expansion plans including compliance under all the Exchange regulations and International taxation requirements
  4. Handling of End-to-end secretarial and legal documentation work
  5. Helping you to liaison with our vast network of Elite professionals operating in major Countries

Our experienced team of professionals are affluent and perfectly placed to assist You in taking the right decision.